Your task is not to seek for love, but merely

to seek and find all the barriers within

yourself that you have built against it.




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My name is Emilia.

My call is to support others in their paths towards remembering their wholeness, reconnecting with their essence, meeting their edgy, shadowy places and welcoming them too, as guides and places of opening.


I consider myself a poetic soul, always reminding myself and others how to rekindle one's sense of enchantment and wonder for the world and reconnect to the invisible whisperings around and within us. 


I guide people in returning to the wild language of their soul, to let her voice be heard, undoing all the layers that are in the way, healing those wounds that are preventing us to access and walk from our deeper and more expanded self.

I am devoted to work in alliance with many teachers: with plants and the elements, with dreams and the imagination, with the subtle and vibrational, with our ancestors and the deep pool of collective memory we all contain, with the body and its mysteries and of course with the invisible that breathes through all beings. 


My offerings combine ritual & ceremony, rites of passage, embodiment, herbalism and plant spirit connection, birthwork, nature reconnection practices, song, story, poetry, creativity & deep listening.  These for me are eternal gateways to our essence and to the remembering of how to walk in harmony and beauty here on our mother earth and in alignment with the  world of spirit. 

I deeply believe that to face the challenges of our time and to birth a new consciousness, we need more empowered, gentle, attuned and creative human beings that are ready to navigate the messiness of being alive and . Humans that are able to honor the transitional space we are all inhabiting as a collective, that acknowledge that what we are seeking are not fast solutions but ways to return to a togetherness that honors our diversity and remembers our profound interwoveness with all of creation. Humans that can return to the ancient wisdom of the heart and of the soul. 

I hope we can find ways to cross paths. 


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Online or in person private sessions and mentoring

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Soulful tools and practices


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