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Your task is not to seek for love, but merely

to seek and find all the barriers within

yourself that you have built against it.



- Rumi


Hi beloved one,

My name is Emilia and I am so grateful that our paths are crossing. Here are some words about my path... 

I consider myself a poetic being in essence, always practicing how to listen more accurately to the invisible whisperings around and within in order to create deeper intimacy with life. An animist at heart.

I have always had a deep yearning to explore the mystery of being, always questioning the more hidden meaning of things, unearthing that which the mind cannot grasp so to attempt at living from a more truthful and essential place within myself and in deeper connection with the world.

Over the years I have devoted myself to the work of healing and remembering, of restoring and deep listening. I have been guiding others in their journeys back home, within themselves and within the world, supporting them to unravel places of holding, sit at thresholds, attune themselves to true connection, finding their own innate power and creativity and allowing their unique song to be the guiding force of their live.  

My offerings combine and include: animistic practices and ritual, embodiment and somatics, subtle bodywork, herbalism, birthwork, cha dao, ancestral healing, ceremony, storytelling, creativity and crafts and the art of deep listening. These are, for me, all gateways into self, into remembering how to life in greater harmony and beauty here on our mother earth and in attunement with spirit. 

I work in alliance with many teachers: the subtle and vibrational, the body and its mystery, ancestors, plants, the elements, dreams, the imagination, the more-than-human, story and, always, with the invisible breath that breathes through us all. 

I deeply believe we are now at a pivotal time in history, where we are all called to find new/old ways of being, to let go of stories and paradigms that no longer serve us, others, the earth and all our relations. I long for us all to reawaken to what it means to be fully alive, in the whole potentiality that we behold, letting ourselves become true bridges between earth and sky, in our unique way, yet always acknowledging our profound interwoveness. 

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