Spring is here we will not leave this garden and the
tall cypress. 
Take off your mask and close the door it is only you and I in this empty house.



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Join me for a transformative process of reclamation and remembering, dive in a space where you will be held and seen in the wholeness of you, enter a container where you will feel heard and welcomed in the messiness of being alive, to surrender to the mystery that you are, to let yourself slowly emerge out of the hidden caves of forgetfulness and re-claim your own sense of emergence in all its fullness and find healing and deep nourishment. 

The 1:1 sessions I offer are though of as a sacred, nurturing and alchemical sanctuary, where you will be accompanied to birth yourself back into the world, where you will be met at the crossroads of your being, between being and becoming, encouraged to sit with the uncomfortable, sticky, emergent places within you as spaces of profound emergence. You will be held whilst calling forth your courage to meet the shadowy places of your inner landscape, supported in finding ways to return to softness and ease, to dive in the flowing river of your being and re-member how to reclaim the sacredness of the world.

It is not about changing, not about finding solutions, but about creating the right space to let what is yearning to find expression to emerge, to call in the tools you already hold inside, to ask for guidance and support from the Earth, from the elements, from your own wisdom, from the plants and allies and all that is waiting for you to live in alignment. Remember that you already hold everything inside and our job is just to clear the way from what is obstructing our most natural state of being, even in its most uncivilized and wild nature.

To return to the language of our souls is our only task. It is when we are moved by our soul that we can begin to offer ourselves unconditionally to the world, knowing that  our presence is our special gift to Life, to the whole of Creation.

I had an amazing Soul Session with Emilia, and I can say that it was beyond my own expectations as to how deep we went together.

We explored my Deep Mother Wound and how my relationship with my father was not initiated in my childhood and it was due to the energetic umbilical cord still being very much present in my energy field.

This deep Session led to a lot of repressed feelings to
the surface, to be felt and acknowledged.And it was truly life-changing for me. Since then I have experienced tremendous shifts in my relationship with both of my parents.

I highly recommend Emilia and her Healing Sessions.
I am grateful for her being such a compassionate facilitator and for being so open and without any judgments. I truly appreciate it.


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Honoring your uniqueness​

tending to your broken parts

letting the light shine through the cracks

reconnecting yo your wisdom

honoring the sacred 






What I offer you are two different journeys:




An initiation journey to reconnect to the wild language soul, to find yourself again in new forms, re-entangled with the soul of the world, finding purpose and meaning again. 

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A deeply healing and nurturing space where you will be guided in connecting to one or more unique plant allies that can support you deeply in your healing journey and help you reconnect in a sacred way to your body, heart, mind, spirit and to the Earth. These sessions include plant spirit meditations, ceremony, personalized ritual & practices