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Spring is here we will not leave this garden and the
tall cypress. Take off your mask and close the door it is only you and I in this empty house.




Join me for a profound journey of unraveling, of remembering and reclaiming.




Let yourself dive in the deep waters of your being, returning to the essence of your soul, giving her the space to share her wisdom and become a guiding force in your life.


Discover new pathways of being, allowing the old die and calling forth the new as you initiate yourself in what is most alive and authentic within your heart and that longs to be shared with the world.

Realign yourself with the sacred song that desires to be expressed through you, finding ways to remember your true purpose and the uniqueness of your melody as it dances with all of the symphony of creation.

Connect earth and sky and remember how to let the invisible infuse your life with beauty and grace.


Remember ancient rituals that can nourish you deeply and help you reconnect with the whisperings of the life.


Let your being become spacious enough to receive guidance from the unseen and your own intuition. 

Ritualize your transformations and your own births,

Find softness and ease within as you navigate the shadowy realms of your being and you let yourself befriend all the exiled and silenced ones within you, learning to love them and inviting them to become your own guides.

Ground yourself back in your body and the sensuality of your being as you reclaim your connection to the earth, learning how to dance in reciprocity with all the elements and how to establish communication with the forces of nature that surround us. 

Find healing on all levels of being and ignite your sense of wonder and awe for the miracle of being alive.

To return to the language of you soul is your birthright and only task. However, we can often feel that there are obstructions and impediments for us to access its ancient wisdom. All the sessions I offer are created to support you to find healing and alchemize that which is preventing you to unconditionally offer yourself to this world and inhabit your wholeness fully. 

I had an amazing Soul Session with Emilia, and I can say that it was beyond my own expectations as to how deep we went together.

We explored my Deep Mother Wound and how my relationship with my father was not initiated in my childhood and it was due to the energetic umbilical cord still being very much present in my energy field.

This deep session led to a lot of repressed feelings to
the surface, to be felt and acknowledged.And it was truly life-changing for me. Since then I have experienced tremendous shifts in my relationship with both of my parents.

I highly recommend Emilia and her healing sessions.
I am grateful for her being such a compassionate facilitator and for being so open and without any judgments. I truly appreciate it.


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Honoring your uniqueness​

tending to your broken parts

letting the light shine through the cracks

reconnecting to your wisdom

honoring the sacred 




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An mentorship into rekindling your connection to soul and remember how to live in alignment with her longing. This is a 3/6/12 months journey.



A 4 meeting ritual to initiate yourself into soul. In this container you will be guided through a time of preparation, of descent to soul, of meeting with soul and harvesting of the gifts/return back. This will include profound alchemical rituals, ceremonies and practices.

Details & Registration
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A deeply healing and nurturing space where you will be guided in connecting to one or more unique plant allies that can support you deeply in your healing journey and help you reconnect in a sacred way to your body, heart, mind, spirit and to the Earth. These sessions include plant spirit meditations, ceremony, personalized ritual & practices 

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