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Birth is the greatest gateway in the Mystery, it opens and transforms you so deeply and invites you to dance with life

Birth is a true ceremony, a rite of passage where the mother becomes a vessel for creation, it is a natural, empowering, innate and humbling experience, it is an opportunity for healing and reclamation for the mother, father and baby.

Birth puts us in contact with our origin story, it invites us to let go of old patterns and call new information in our system. Birth helps us find the right dance and balance between body, mind and spirit, it is an incredibly simple experience as well as a truly mysterious and sacred one.

Doula literally means to be in service of the mother, to act as a support, as a loving friend, as a mirror, as a gatekeeper that creates safety and holds the space reminding the birthing woman, the new mother and father of their power and strength, of how to trust to their own bodies and intuition as they transition and navigate the true initiation of birth and of becoming parents. 


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As a holistic birth doula and birth-keeper I will walk next to you as you prepare for the journey of birth which truly is YOUR journey, one that weaves together you, your baby and the mystery of life. I will help you remember that birth can be experienced in so many different ways - unlike the very linear story we are offered nowadays - it can be very celebratory, very intimate and quiet, a loving space of calm, it can open doors to deep pleasure and can teach you so much, no matter where you birth, whether at home or in a hospital. 

As I accompany you through this precious time of pregnancy I will support you to find tools that can assist you through your birth, such as breath and somatic movement exercises, to find your center and connect your body/mind so that you can access the innate wisdom you behold and traverse the portal of birth in full sovereignty.

We will work with any fear or blockage that might be in the way, mentally, physically or emotionally so that you can feel empowered and centered in your heart. I will guide you to explore different birthing options and find the one that fits best your needs and life circumstance.

My offerings include different rituals and ceremonies, bodywork practices including rebozo, aquatic bodywork and soma touch as well different uses of medicinal plants to support you through the continuum of pregnancy, birth & postpartum.


During the birth I will be there to support you, be a mirror for you and place to rest. I will be offering a breath-work, touch, a song or simply a loving presence that you need when you need, reading the space and the needs in the room. I will walk close to you you through the initiations and gateways you are walking and be there to celebrate you, your baby and new family on the other end. I will hold space so you can feel secure and protected and remind you of your agency and sovereignty.

There is, by now, much research showing how the presence of someone who is there for and with you, unconditionally can support the experience of birth, can increase vaginal birth, increase the sense of autonomy and self-confidence, reduce the sensation of pain, support the bonding process and integration of birth experience.


- 3 prenatal visits (up to 2 hrs)
- On call between 37-42 weeks
- Present during the whole labor + 2 hours after birth
- 1 postpartum visit (up to 2 hours) within 3-5 days after birth
- Ongoing phone + email support
- Backup doula


- Mother Blessing Ceremony
- Bodywork sessions
- Somatic movement & yoga sessions
- Herbal allies for pregnancy and birth  

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The more I walk this path of birth-keeper the more I agree with the famous quote "we need a village to raise a child". It is so vital for the wellbeing of the baby, the mother, the couple and, ultimately, the whole community to care for birthing people during the postpartum time. This is something that our ancestors knew well and gave much importance to recognizing that as we tend to the mother and baby we are, in the long run, tending to the health of the wider culture.

Postpartum care may look in many ways and I am happy to customize my services to your needs yet, what it may include is making sure you get enough rest, supporting bonding between you and your baby, preparing nourishing foods, helping with lactation, helping with integration of the new role of parents, herbal care, body work and rituals, emotional support and, as a whole, making sure that your cup is filled once again. 


- 1 prenatal visit (up to 2 hrs)
- 20 hours of postpartum in home visits (divided as you wish)
- Ongoing phone + email support
- Backup doula if needed


- Closing of the bones ritual
- Yoni steams
- Postpartum bodywork
- Postpartum herbal support & elixirs plan
- Placenta rituals

Birth matters, it matters because it is the way we all begin our lives outside of our source, our mother's bodies. It's the means from which we enter and feel our first impression of the wider world. For each mother, it is an event that shakes and shapes her to her innermost core. Women's perceptions about their bodies and their babies' capabilities will be deeply influenced by the care they receive around the time of birth.

Ina May Gaskin

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More and more couples are now deciding to want to welcome their little ones consciously and prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually for their new baby to come. This is a very profound work that invites the new parents to go through a true journey of purification and clearing away, this may include change in lifestyle habits, fertility work, examination of their own birth stories and basic imprints, acknowledgment of their unresolved issues, energetic rebalancing, working with fears and doubts.

The focus of this work is not to erase these past traumas and present impediments as a whole but rather become aware of them enough so that there can be space for the child to be conceived in a calm, loving and accepting environment.

Pre-conception can be useful for: anyone who wishes to become a parent one day, any couple that is trying to conceive and wants to bring more intention and clarity, anyone who is struggling with conception, people who are navigating loss and are in a process of grieving and need support in integration. 

Sessions will include: guided meditations, breath-work, ritual, therapy, somatic movement, fertility exploration, practical and educational resource share



I work both online & in person. The form of the sessions and the type of support will, of course, change according to whether we meet in person or not.

  • As a birth doula working online means that I will support prenatally and then be available for phone support during labour. There is also the option for me to fly during the window of time of your due-date to support during your birth and the first few days after your birth.

  • As a postpartum doula we will meet online for check-ins, integration sessions and practices, educational resource sharing & rituals

  • As for the preconception work this can easily be both in person or online 


As for my in person availability I currently live between and attend births and clients between Europe (June-October) and Costa Rica (October-June). 

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If you are interested in knowing more please book a preliminary 30 minutes call with me where we can get to know each other, consider if i am the right person to support you and, if yes, create a vision and plan together

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