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Watching the moon / at midnight, / solitary, mid-sky, / I knew myself completely, / no part left out.

Izumi Shikibu


one sunday a month | 6 pm UTC | on zoom | 

Herbal Magic is a 13 months journey where we will tap into the different energies of the New Moon every month, connect to different plants, return to the timeless power of the feminine, of togetherness, of ritual and intention.


During this journey you will experience the holding of a circle of like-minded womxn with whom you will get to explore what it means to return to your true essence, to learn from nature, to re-attune to the cycles of your body and the earth, to listen deeply and remember how to revere the sacred in all things

We will create a safe container, sit with the plant of that month, drink it, open ourselves to receive its medicine, share from our hearts, meditate and seed our intentions for the upcoming month. 

This will be a space for beauty and pleasure, to call and receive the medicine of the plants and the moon, to ask for support, guidance, to soften, attune deeply inside, listen and open up to the wisdom of our bodies and senses and align with our purpose


*You can join for the whole journey or just join whenever you feel most called


** Along with the circle you will receive an email before the ceremony on how to prepare and a practice that can support you after the ceremony





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The Moon has always had a profound influence on the ebbs and flows of life, the oceans are affected by her cycles, the growth of plants, and so are our bodies and emotions. As Women, in particular, we are intimately tied to the Moon’s movements, just like her, we follow her rhythm of expansion and contraction,

Each month we are given a beautiful opportunity to take time to pause and reflect, to embrace the Moon’s teachings by connecting to her by observing the sign she is stationed in and the aspects she forms with other planets in the sky. As we begin to listen to her song we can reawaken to our own inner cycles, embrace her teachings and allow her to shed light on what needs tending and what needs to be reaffirmed and/or released. 


Plants have always been allies of women as well. Our ancestors knew plants and their spirits intimately and had an understanding that these can support us greatly in our body, mind, hearts and spirits. Plants were truly seen as allies on our journeys of remembering our essence and living in harmony with life.



• July 31st  6 pm UK time: moon in leo | plant ally Calendula 

• August 28th 6 pm UK time: moon in virgo | plant Oat straw  




 Drop in: 15 euros 

 13 month journey: 170 euros 

*recording available if you skip sessions



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