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In some ways I have alway been devoted to soul work by which I mean work that acknowledges the mysterious, the unseen, the silent gaps in between places of the self, and that space that is also deeply rooted in the ordinariness of being alive. Soul is not something to be found in the exceptional, but in the simplicity of the present moment that is a gateway to the Divine.


Already as a child I had a strong connection to my inner world and my desire to know the fabric of reality was particularly alive. I would spend hours in communication with the the more than human realm, with plants, with my imagination, with the breath of life, creating stories, dances, poems and being in an intimate relationship with all things. I have always been interested in those liminal spaces where things meet, where me and what is other than me can interact, spaces of contact where I can find myself anew and go beyond the boundaries of my small self remembering my true belonging.

As I transitioned into adolescence, however, I began to abide to the common story of separation, the pressure to conform was so strong and suddenly the magic appeared to be lost. All was silenced. I spent many of my growing up years drowning, feeling completely disoriented, numb and desensitized. Somewhere within me there was a remembering, I knew that what I had felt and experienced through the innocent gaze of being a child was not far away and yet I kept falling into forgetfulness.








As I navigated the messiness of being alive I realized that the story of this one linear journey we are all doomed to be set upon was a fraud one. There were no final destinations, no shores to grip onto. My life rather appeared as a symphony of experiences that kept spiraling me towards the epicenter of my being, this mysterious self at the core of everyone that is so much wider and freer than what we have been told.

With this deep thirst inside to remember, I found practices and tools that firstly helped me come closer to me, to live, to the essence of things. I have always been guided by this deep desire to know and in knowing forgetting, to encounter life with intimacy and presence and sip every inch of it with the acknowledgment of its preciousness and miraculousness. I have always cultivated a wild desire to be of service to the transformation and expansion of our potentialities not only as human beings but as beings part of a much vaster and an intricate web of life that connects us to the physical and more than physical world. 

What guides most of my work that includes retreats, workshops, birthwork & 1:1 sessions & bodywork is the question: “how can we live from the aliveness, curiosity and expansiveness of our souls and allow her to infuse every inch of our being?”. I am curious to learn how to return over and over again to the wild territories within us, those that haven't been tamed by the colonized paradigms of what it means to be alive and that live at the edge of their humanity and their divinity. I welcome the sticky and shadowy parts of our inner landscapes, remembering them as doorways of initiation. I long to restore the unique song that each one carries, letting it be proclaimed out with fierce devotion and, at the same time, realize that we are all entangled in the same woven fabric of existence and that we are nothing but a note in the great symphony of life.


It is my deepest desire for all of us to return to the endless conversations, to go beyond the mutilating silence of separation and alienation that so many of us experience in our modern world. As I weave all of these threads I am devoted to being in service of liberation and love. I offer spaces of remembering, of returning, of releasing to connect to the deepest core of oneself. 


Suffering was my soul's initiation - as for many of us - a doorway into the important questions. I started to ask what was it that I planned to do:



" with [my] one wild and precious life? "


As I would later hear poet Mary Oliver say. 

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