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500 hrs Yoga Study with Angela Farmer + 300 hrs Embodied Flow Training + 100 hrs Yin Yoga Training 

+ 100 hrs Trauma informed Yoga + Body Mind Centering + Authentic Movement 



Doula Thrive Training + Water Doula Training + Rebozo Training 




Cranio sacral therapy + Reiki + Aquatic Bodywork (Watsu) +  



Expressive Arts Therapy + Depth pyschology (Pacifica Graduate Institute) + BodySoul Rhythms + The Color of the Soul Master Training + Grief Work (Francis Weller) + Death Doula (Frank Ostaseski) + Ancestral Healing (Daniel Foor) + Humanistic Evolutionary Astrology + Dream work (Toko-Pa) 


Gaia School of Healing Certificate + Floral Essences + Bach Flower Remedies 


Joanna Macy: The Work that Reconnect + Becoming Indigenous (Schumacher College) 


Don’t surrender your loneliness so quickly. Let it cut you more deep. Let it ferment and season you as few human and even divine ingredients can.



•Traditional Healing Practices 
Soul Work 
Birth Work/Doula 
Embodiment Practices/Body Work 
• Herbalism & Plant Spirit Medicine 
• Ritual & Ceremony 
Deep Ecology & Eco-psychology 
• Grief Work 
• Ancestral Healing 
• Expressive Arts Therapy 
• Depth Psychology, Myth & Storytelling 
• Mysticism 


I have always been an autodidact, curious to know more, to look deeper, to savor life intimately. My greatest teachers have been:
SILENCE: the space in between things, people, words, it's invitation to explore what is unsaid, what is veiled and unseen. That from which we were all born. The space of pure potentiality. 

POETRY: with it's wild bravery to give voice to the what appears impossible to utter, to bridge worlds and call us into profound intimacy with all of creation

PLANTS: the wisdom of plants, their deep medicine and healing, their capacity to nourish me and help me reconnect to my ancestral memory and bring health to my body, heart and spirit 

MOVEMENT: connection to my body and its wisdom, dancing, moving, allowing the force of life to emerge from within me giving expression to my aliveness. 

DREAMS AND THE IMAGINATION: with their capacity to expand possibilities, to connect us to Spirit, to help us dive deep inside our inner world and reawaken to the wild language of our souls

NATURE: the rivers, mountains, lakes, wind, ocean, the crawling, flying and swimming creatures with their capacity to reawaken what is most wild within me.

MYSTERY: like silence mystery invites us to drop all that we know and surrender to something bigger and vaster than us. Consciousness of the mystery humbles us and undoes us so that we can meet life with more gratitude and acknowledging its preciousness.
I bow to the teachings received. 


A strange passion is moving

in my head.

My heart has become a bird

which searches in the sky.

Every part of me goes in different directions.

Is is really so

that the one I love is everywhere?


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