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An invitation to rest, to lay down our heavy burdens, find ease and re-member the art of tending

a deeply receptive time, quintessentially feminine, sensual, fecund. 




24th-25th of January

Malpais, Guanacaste,  Costa Rica

Mother Spirit is a container in honor of the Mother in all of her forms, a space for remembrance, for slow unraveling, for re-imagining motherhood and what it might mean to weave ourselves back in the rhythm of the village. This will be an opportunity for deep tending, for radical resting, for sensual awakening and rapturing nourishment. 

Each meeting will have a different focus point and will weave our core pillars of WISDOM SHARING, SOMATIC & HEALING  PRACTICES, RITUAL & DEEP NOURISHMENT.

Our workshops & retreats are intended as a space for unwavering shift in paradigm, to find new stories that will revive the ancient art of care and mothering as a way of being and walking here on earth, as a way of tending to the life we behold and are part of.


We are devoted to her, the mother, knowing that as we take care of her we take care of the world... and our world is in desperate need of care.


She is the sweetest fragrance, the most sensual lover, she is unwavering devotion, she is wise hands and healing touch, she is the dark mysterious night, she is fecund and abundant, she is filled with rage and ecstasy, she is stillness and humbleness,  she is pure and clear,  she is the matrix, death and birth are her sacred songs. 

And so we call in all of the maidens, mothers, crones, the little ones, the pregnant ones, the birthing ones to join us in this unique opportunity to be held, witnessed and transformed. We intend to weave a new tapestry of belonging, to re-member from the ashes of a time in which all arose from profound love and care, where beauty resonated at the heart of all things, we intend to collect in the well of our hearts the capacity we have to honor the thriving of life and sit in the sweet taste of the mystery. 


WISDOM SHARING we each carry wisdom and stories that help us remember and awaken from our slumber of separateness. We invoke through storytelling, to feel seen and heard and to inspire each other. We tend to our stories and season them with our attention, turning them into an offering song to the world.


SOMATIC/HEALING PRACTICES we spend time with our bodies, our ancestral bodies, and the earth body. We learn to navigate the maps of our bodies and access its deepest mysteries. We apply accessible practices that regulate our nervous systems, that invite us to rest, so that we can show up embodied and in deeper service to life. We tend to this body as an extension of the body of the earth. We heal our lineages contained in the caves and crevices of our sanctuary. 

RITUALS through ritual, we materialize the village. Together, we shed, we alchemize and find deeper meaning. This is collective work that is to be. shared with community. Rituals expand time and space, invoke timeless memory, heal, morph, cocoon, allow and transmute. They revive and call in, they emerge from the ashes of our memory and help us give thanks. 

NOURISHMENT this is the rise of the Wise Feminine. We'll feed our deepest cravings for belonging, for tending and bring back the echoes of what a village and a community of togetherness might look like. One that is rooted in radical care and sustenance. Nourishment is of the body, of the soul, of the heart and of the spirit. Nourishment is the ground of thriving life. 

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you are invited to join us for our first Mother Spirit Gathering in exploration of 



What is true nourishment? How can we nourish all parts of our being? How can we nourish our communities? What is in need of nourishment in our lives? In the collective? How can we create a nourishment based culture?

This space will be open to all those deep seekers who know there is another way, who are ready to reclaim the sanctity of all life, who know that just as the earth nourishes us we must nourish back, who are yearning to gather and sing each other back home, who are crying out for rest and soul replenishment, who know that slowing down is a radical form of activism, who are in honor of the mother, who are mothers, were mothers, desire to be mothers, of a baby, of a vision, of the world.  

The gathering will combine different practices and rituals to hold you and infuse you with the loving care you deserve. It will be a space to just be and remove some of the heavy burdens that we carry as mothers, space holders, lovers and devoted women. It will be a true gift for your body, heart and soul and a way to receive as well as give. 



JANUARY 24TH | 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

opening of the sacred circle | water blessings | ritual flower foot bath + rebozo | sharing circle | close with medicine making | lunch

JANUARY 25TH | 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

fire blessing and ritual | movement practice | ancestral open fire cooking and celebration | closing of the sacred circle | final food celebration


* Precise location will be shared closer to the date

**Please come with your babies and little ones we will have a few nineras available to help + designated spaces for you to breastfeed comfortably



WISDOM SHARING the underworld journey of the Feminine and the wisdom of brokenness. Goddess ritual and storytelling of the Sumerian myth of Inanna

SOMATIC EMBODIMENT together we will explore the way of dance, of movement, of softening and regulating the nervous system and of healing touch through Rebozo which is a massaging practice and ritual as ancient and as old as time

RITUAL water and fire blessing - ritual invokes the language of the unseen and in honor of the mother spirit, we will call forth the medicine of water and fire, as our first primordial teachers. Creating a practice of offering through the simple art of altar building, song, dance and invocation MEDICINE MAKING: we have always known the power of plants as allies and guides in our journey to wholeness. Together we will tend to each other with floral baths and medicine making

NOURISHMENT exploring the many facets of nourishment. Togetherness as nourishment, touch as nourishment, sharing as nourishment, ritual as nourishment. Mothering as the water and food of life.

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Food will be an important part of our space, sharing food as a community, nourishing our bodies deeply with high quality and cooked with love and intention food.

Celebrating through eating together has always been a way to come together and give thanks to life, to honor our mother earth for her abundance and fertility, to recognize our interconnection with the elements and to create a space for deep pampering of the senses, for pleasure, meaningful conversation and community building




3 hrs of gathering x 2 days

- rituals, practices & profound nourishment to bring home

- two shared meals (lunch & dinner)

- nineras to support you with your baby 

- access to the land & facilities 





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A mother, a bespoke experience curator, musician, somatic and sensorial experience catalyst. She is an embodied vocalist, holistic nutritionist chef, and medicine women. Her lineage is mother magic and she aims to create and provide spaces that allow people to dive deeper within themselves, their soul purpose, back on the path of remembering their own powerful magic and medicine.


Taylor infuses spell-craft that sews itself into our somatic and conscious fabric. She initiates expression and invocations that pull you back into yourself, the land under you, and the spirit of creative wildness that we are all born from. Taylor has produced multi-faceted sensorial, art and culinary events around the world.


Schermata 2023-01-04 alle 13.21.22.png


program manager at Tierra Valiente. She plays a central role cultivating relational tissue to produce transformative experiences that educate, cultivate curiosity, inspire connection and challenge the ways of the dominant culture.

She has always felt compelled to gather people together to remember their ancestral wisdom, weaving; food, creative expressions, plant medicine and herbalism, ritual, and the way of togetherness.

She is passionate about creating experiences that shift cultural narratives and support people to find purpose, meaning and belonging through creating community around positive change-making.

She believes that stories and ideas are the fabric of our world, and that every revolution is dependent on weaving these fabrics together. They help us contextualize our history, navigate the present, and re- imagine our future.


May all mothers know that they are loved and may we create a culture that is centered around the mother

May we rebuild a healthy and nurturing society from the ashes of the old paradigm

May we tend to the waters that carry life

We bow to do our part to bring back the village and to awaken the others to realize that supporting mamas is in their best interest.

The state of the mother determines the health and well-being of the future


If we take care of her she will take care of us and of life

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