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From the beginning of times humans have ritualize time, marking beginnings and endings to expand consciousness, deepen relationship, to bring clarity and focus in their lives. To mark an ending is to create the right amount of space for the new to be born.

In our modern times we often focus on the celebration of this passage - which is beautiful and needed - yet we don't often take the time to listen to the teachings we have gathered, to allow what doesn't serve us anymore to be die and to call in the spirit of the new year in

During this online ritual we will cross the threshold of the year together, focusing on bringing awareness into this passage. 

How has this year been? What struggles were part of it? What joys? What were the lessons for your soul? What are you called to release and what longs to be breathed in with full lungs?

The last year (or should I say years?) has surely shaken many of us to the core with its unexpected twists and turns, its sudden changes and uncertain grounds to walk upon. And yet we are here, at the gateway of a new portal.


How can we hold each other in this passage? How can we witness one another in our rebirth? 

Let us gather in beauty, deeply grounded into the earth with our wings ready to take flight into the new year. Let us pray for our own lives, for our own expansion and awakening and for our loved ones, for our communities, for our families and friends, for the collective and for our beautiful earth. 

May our prayers be a ripple of loving light that embraces our lives and the lives of those around us. 


Wednesday 28th of December

6-7.45 PM CET 


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This ritual will provide a powerful container to invoke the protection and blessings of the ancestors, of our guides and of Great Mystery to open the gateway to the new year. You will have the time to reflect back on the path you have walked, gathering the sacred fruits of your actions and listen to the whisperings of that which wants to be reborn through you. 

**upon booking you will receive a message with more information on how to prepare yourself for our Ritual

**the recording of the ritual will be available if you cannot attend

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35 euros REGULAR

25 euros BIPOC scholarship

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