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For if a person knew the worth of his heart,
He would give all he had without hesitation. 
And if a person came to know the bliss within his own soul 
He would shed a tear of joy with every breath he took. 
He would fly forth from the body that has turned into his cage 
On wings of meditation to the Lote-Tree of the Boundary. 
And would range the expanses of (God’s) pedestal and (His) lesser and greater Thrones 
Where the galaxies appear but as a tiny ring 


-Sidi Muhammad ibn al-Habib


an intimate retreat with

Emilia Cianci & Medina Trevathan


8-14th of July

Alpujarra, Spain


Reveal is a journey of uncovering hidden layers of yourself, finding ways to express your inner landscape and letting its precious beauty be revealed. It is a journey into authenticity and of learning how to savor the subtle taste of your own inner world. 


Held in the breathtaking mountains of the Alpujarra, in the South of Spain, the landscape will be a wise teacher and guide for our retreat. These beautiful mountains are imbued with ancient traditions, the historic Muslim and Jewish presence, the Christian tradition and Duende, the indescribable spirit of flamenco with the Andalusi landscape as the loom for all these different threads. These will be our sources of inspiration

In our time together we will combine embodiment practices, with time spent on the land, connecting to the earth and plants, spaces of celebration with deep self-care time, ritual and ceremony and of course a container for us to be in dialogue with ourselves and ask the important questions with one another. 


We truly hope to create a multi-sensory experience where we can explore the true meaning of intimacy, soften into the mystery of self and create a profound conversation between the inner and the outer as well as between different walks of life. 


Our hope is that we can find the courage together to sit in contradiction, to sit at the edge of our personal questions with grace, humility and softness. To create enough space for each one to drop deep inside and find the well of their inner wisdom and let it be revealed as a sacred offering to each other. 


This will be a time to reclaim the true meaning of togetherness, of sisterhood, of community and care for others as we re-member our ancient kinship with each other and the more-than-human world. 






Our hope is to create a space of safety and openness where we feel able and welcomed to explore the sometimes scary feelings which arise in the contradictory nature of being alive. We hope to offer an opportunity for us all to develop our witnessing gaze, softening there where there is fear, holding, contraction and, thus, be able to discover the deep treasures we all behold. Opening ourselves to enter contradiction and the complexity of our inner inquiries from a space of witnessing, allowing ourselves to drop some of the old ways that are not serving us anymore in order to find the deep treasures that we behold. 


This deep work of self-inquiry and of exploration of your own connection to the source of your aliveness will be held in the container of community as was often experienced by our ancestors, we will support each other as we reveal some of the beauty we hold within and we will re-learn how to tend to one another, celebrate one another and honor each other's unique path. 


This meeting of ways is also reflected in the two facilitators, Medina and Emilia who both come from different spiritual and religious backgrounds and are in deep reverence to the others journey and unique subtleties. Medina comes from a Pakistani American background and is a practicing Muslim raised on the Sufi path amongst a community based mainly in Andalucia and the UK. Her upbringing in this environment has deeply shaped her path today. Emilia is originally Italian with roots in the whole Mediterranean basin. Her journey has led her to study deeply different Mystical traditions including the Christian and Sufi tradition as well as Buddhist Zen meditation, Taoism, Kashmir Tantra and Indigenous Ways of Knowing. Her main focus is around becoming profoundly intimate with the Divine within all things and remember our true belonging. 

The retreat will allow deep conversations to unfold and will be spacious enough to let all of the subtle textures of being that we all behold to be revealed and shared. 

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Imagine yourself waking up surrounded by the silence and peace of the mountains and gathering under an old oak or olive tree or in a quiet space overlooking the vastness of the landscape. 


Mornings will be gentle and will combine different contemplative practices, explorations of our inner landscape, silence, guided meditations and journaling. After a delicious breakfast and some open time we will gather back for a morning workshop. The topics of the workshops will vary and might include creative practices, earth remembrance practices, sharing circles, rituals and ceremonies. 


We will then share a nourishing meal together and you will have a few hours of free time to enjoy the pool, go on walks on the beautiful surrounding land, engage in meaningful conversations, receive a massage/treatment from one of the available therapists or simply rest. 


We will meet back in the late afternoon for more time together to explore, connect and share. The afternoon practices will slow us down again, bringing our attention back inside as we prepare for the night. 


Dinner will be served around 8 pm and there might be some special candlelit evening gatherings afterwards, to nourish our hearts and souls and take us into the realm of dreams.



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As we reconnect to our bodies and to its own sacred language we can expand our capacity to feel, to connect more deeply and flow with more ease in our lives. Through movement, somatic explorations and breath we can release any stagnant energy, relax our nervous system and become more awake and comfortable in our own skin.

By awakening and moving our vital energy we can find a new sense of aliveness and learn how to become more porous to meet the world more intimately. 

The sessions will combine different styles of yoga, embodiment, somatic practice and the magic of breath. Many of us are used to residing in our minds and thoughts but as we slow down, as we allow ourselves to feel again we begin to feel more whole and access the ancient and profound wisdom of our bodies.



Ritual and ceremony are sacred practices that we can invite into our lives in grand ways and in small ways too, as a way of honoring threshold times, to celebrate our aliveness, to mark the change in our inner and outer seasons . Not only do they mark time, but create time. Ritual time is a much more divine time, it allows us to savor more intimately the taste of the eternal. 

Our ancestors new that ritual and ceremony were healing for humans, to enter in liminal spaces and allow these to nourish us and transform us, giving meaning to our lives again. To gather as a community in ceremony is the most ancient practice of all and a forgotten one for the most part. 

Ritual invites us in a conversation with beauty as well, it helps us remember the divine, as we create beauty, as we invoke beauty. Our souls long for this reconnection, they long to sit ad the edge of the visible and the invisible world. In our time together we shall explore this moving in between time and space to honor one another and our own inner radiance. 



To remember the wisdom of the earth is to open to a sense of renewed belonging and purpose. As we have walked away from the natural world we have lost a sense of magic and wonder, we have forgotten our ecological self and that we are part of an intricate web of life, not strangers on this planet.

Each tree, each plant, each river, is a sacred manifestation of the Divine’s love, each land has an essence of its own and a longing to share its wisdom and song with us. 

For too long humans have walked away from this connection and made themselves separate. This has only caused a deep sense of alienation and sadness inside of us.

To reconnect to the earth is to allow ourselves to heal and transform, to be nourished and even radically re-orientate our sense of self. By slowing down and listening we can restore a sense of awe and wonder, opening our hearts to deep gratitude. In turn this will also bring healing back to the more-than-human world.



To explore our inner landscape means to become aware of the profound vastness that we all behold and to surrender to the deep knowing that there is so much more within us than we are able to perceive with only the intellectual mind.


How would you move through the world if you knew that within you there exists oceans beneath oceans of space? How would you be with your own self, how would you witness yourself if you allowed this spaciousness within to be met and expressed?

Our explorations will invite you to learn how to become impeccable guardians of these inner world you behold. We were handed down this precious garden of which to take care of and it is our sacred duty to learn how to be custodians of our inner landscapes. Through such understanding we can then in turn also remember how to take care of the outer landscape, the earth, our home. 

Grand Tetons Elopement.jpeg



2-3pm Check-in.

4pm Welcome practice & Circle

7pm Dinner 

8pm Opening Ritual



Sunday - Friday

7.30-8.30am: Morning practice

8:30-10.30am:  Breakfast/Free time

10.30-1pm: Morning workshop

1-4pm: Free time

4-6.30pm: Afternoon workshop

6.30-7.30pm: Free time

7.30-8.30pm: Dinner

8.30-9.30pm: Evening events (optional)




7.30-8.30am Morning practice

8.30-9.30am: Breakfast

9.30am-11.30pm: Closing ceremony & circle

12.30pm Lunch

3pm: Departure



This will be a multi-sensory, multi-cultural, multi-spiritual space, where we will allow parts of our inner landscapes to be met and revealed. There will be spaces of stillness and silence, spaces of sharing and deep inquiry, times in connection with the landscape - remembering the ways our ancestors interacted with the earth - and moments of celebration, joy and beauty.

This retreat is an opportunity to slow down, to take a deep breath, to learn again how to listen properly to the silent whisperings within you and around you, to find beauty and wonder and a sense of connection to life as a whole. 

There will be a combination of soft and feminine embodiment practices, meditation, sharing circles, ritual & ceremony, nourishing walks in nature, moments of free expression, joy, dancing and simply togetherness. 

Hopefully it will feel like a soft embrace of a Mother where more of you can find the courage and ease to be brought up to the surface.


- Inner Landscape Meditations 

- Subtle Body Practices

- Movement Explorations

- Sufi Exploration of the 99 names of the Divine 

- Dream Practices 

- Herbalism, Tea Ceremony & Plant Spirit Communication

- Wild Foraging & Medicine Making 

- Poetry Workshops 

- Earth Reconnection Journeys

- Henna Ceremony

- Spiritual Bathing Ceremony

- Ancestors Rituals

*Day trips to the local market and to Granada will be part of our time together

All of the practices are open to all people, of all ages and all paths. They are meant to facilitate a space of deepening our connection to Self, helping you remember the taste of your own unique essence. 

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Schermata 2022-11-30 alle 14.58.58.png


House of Light is a retreat centre nestled high in the Alpujarra mountains near the town of Orgiva. It was lovingly renovated by Adrian and Ceri the owners, from a ruin into a series of beautiful and intentional spaces with healing and personal transformation at the heart. The main house where we will do a lot of our workshops and sessions allows nature into the space in a seamless way, so that you feel held by the space and the surrounding landscape too. There are sweet little spots around the property to rest in or take a nap in one of the hammocks and a lovely pool to cool off in after a session. The views from House of Light are breathtaking, we will look down onto the Alpujarra with its colossal mountains and incredible sunsets, at night we will be graced by moonlight and starlight.


There will be delicious vegetarian food prepared by a wonderful team of chefs led by Ceri, co-founder of the House of Light. The ingredients are all either grown in the gardens or carefully sourced locally.  Having delicious and nutritious organic and fresh whole foods that are prepared with love for both the mind and the body is so important for feeling held as we dive in deep. All dietary requirements can be catered for!


* Early Bird until the 14th of March



- Daily practices + workshops

- Rituals & Ceremonies

- Three delicious vegetarian meals with local products

- Access to the pool

- Access to the surrounding land with walks and hikes



- Flight to Granada or Malaga

- Transportation to the retreat center 

- Add on activities such as massage and bodywork + trip to Granada



*if you let us know your time and day of arrival we can try to arrange shared car rentals

**if you arrive with a bus to Orgiva we can come and pick you up





early bird 1390 euros 

regular 1490 euros




early bird 1270 euros

regular 1370 euros 


early bird 1210 euros 

regular 1310 euros ​


*A 120 euros non-refundable deposit is asked to reserve your spot 


*Payment installments can be arranged







Medina Trevathan is an artist and seeker, she was raised in a Muslims Sufi community in Southern Spain and remains devoted to this tradition. She is devoted to all things which resonate and lead to deeper intimacy with the great Beloved. She moves between the UK, and Andalucia and can often be found in Morocco. She is deeply inspired by mysticism, dreamwork, by the inner landscape, cycles of creativity, bleeding and devotion to the dark earth that sits at the bottom of the river of our lives. By mythology and old stories, old ways of being in the world, and ways of being that are in tune with the natural world. She is a keeper of the Henna tradition and a Henna artist, she creates henna ceremonies that she carries into different spaces to recenter the focus on the magic and blessing of this plant. 



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