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Have you been feeling lost and confused? 

Do you feel a lack of creative energy? 

Have you forgotten how to trust your the intuitive, wild and sensuous one within you?

Are you sitting with lack of self-worth, self-love and acceptance?

Are you going through a life transition and you are sitting at a crossroad?

• Are you yearning to reconnect to your soul and its sacred landscape?

 Has the world has lost its magic and your eyes their capacity to meet and be met by beauty?

You want to become intimate again with yourself and all of creation?

Are you seeking for healing in your linage, to reconnect to your ancestors and their medicine for you?

Join me for these 1:1 soul mentorship where you will be accompanied to explore the sacred territories of your soul, to meet your edges, to learn how to become wide enough to be with the unresolved, unmet, silenced parts within you and grow from of them, let them be the fertile ground of your becoming and to let the sweet song of your soul reveal itself to you and guide you in your life.


These sessions will be a place for you to bring the wholeness of who you are and feel that you can allow yourself to truly emerge and reclaim your own unique essence. It will be a profound journey into soul that will support you ripen in the truth of who you are, restore reciprocity with the world, with the earth, with the world of spirit and to reclaim your true voice.


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This mentorship is thought of as a cycle of death, rebirth and transformation, where we will go through the process of change, of shedding and letting go, of letting new life flow through the cracks and let yourself blossom into what is most alive and true for you. 

It will guide you deep inside, invite you to ask, sometimes, uncomfortable questions, bring you to the edge of your being so that you can begin to welcome new horizons. This journey will be a space to be mirrored, witnessed and guided in your own blossoming. 


Too often in our world we miss containers to support us in our transformations, we might feel left alone, with many inquiries and a lack of solid ground. Often we feel misunderstood by our own families and cultures as these conform to out of date ways of being and this leaves us frozen and unsure of how to bring change in our lives.

Soul lives in spiralic time, it knows deep down that we need to continually renew our relationship to her, to allow the myriads of deaths and rebirths to occur as they wish, without an agenda, surrendering to the stronger current and desire of life to move us and inhabit us and, yet, in our modern world we are completely devoid of guidance during these times of alchemical transformation. 

Moreover, many of us feel the need to reconnect to something deeper, vaster, less logical, more wild, more vast and might sense that they lack the apprentice to such language of the soul. We can feel the longing for a more intimate experience of life and, however, miss some of the tools, rituals and practices to access such inner landscape. 

This mentorship journey is designed to accompany you in the unfolding of your soul's deepest desire and create an opportunity for you to rewire yourself to a more authentic life, one that is sensually connected to self, to earth & spirit, one that is attuned to the sacred and invisible, one that is aligned to your own unique essence and that feels empowered to live in its own truth.

It will be a healing journey that is not seeking for you to conform to anything, to find easy answers or solutions, to deny the shadowy landscapes within you or dismiss them. On the other hand, this journey will be a true apprenticeship to your own wholeness, embracing light and darkness, embracing the whole texture of being alive, reconnecting you to a sense of belonging and appreciation to the miracle of being alive. 



Soul-work, that process of becoming one's essential self, is filled

with paradox and contradictions. To faithfully observe the way the soul

lives means often being at odds with the conditioned experience of culture.

It frequently requires standing apart from consensus reality in order to

attend to the needs of the soul


- Francis Weller


The length of your journey will depend on your needs. I offer 3/6/12 months mentorships according to the specific exploration you are in. Meetings last around 1.15/1.5 hrs and details of how often to meet can be arranged during our preliminary session.

Moreover, I offer rituals, practices, and tools that are designed specifically for you and to integrate the sessions, helping our discoveries find rooting in your every day life. 


To be alive is not to arrive at any destination, not to jump to conclusions about what we are and are not, what the world should or should not be. What we have to seek are not solutions to our living, fixed boundaries, permanent dwellings, rather, my wish is that we may learn how to live in the immediacy of being alive, how to be curious and awake, how to befriend the dark places, how to keep investigating the edges of things and of ourselves, to become porous to life and remember that we are not separate but entangled in a world that is always in the process of becoming. To be human is to participate in the creation of the world, and each one of us is invited to this incredible dance.


We are all worthy of this life.


Your soul is begging you to remember her song, can you hear her?

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These 1:1 sessions are held intuitively and
according to YOUR needs.


They may include but are not limited to:

Soul Work and Journeying | Shadow Work and tending | Inner Alchemy | Dream Work | Dream Work | Expressive Arts and Creative Awakening Personalized Ritual | Heart Centered Practices | Somatic Work | Ancestral Healing Grief Work | Earth Wisdom and Reconnection  Soul calling and purpose Intuitive Astrology 

Will include:


75mins 1:1 sessions | Personalized self-practice routine | Soul remembrance practices | Personalized ritual |

| A nurturing space to feel held, heard and seen |

Want to book a FREE 30 min soulful call to get to know each other?

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"I have completed 2 cycles of sessions with Emilia, and wow, it was each time transformational. This incredible woman guided me to discover new parts of me, recognize and accept old ones. She met me exactly where I needed to be met during the sessions, and it was different each time. Emilia knew how to patiently touch my soul until it revealed her needs and longing. No doubt that I will embark in a new adventure with her sometime!"

- Delphine

"Getting the chance to have Emilia guiding me in these sessions was an experience I will never forget. She created the most sacred space together with me and invited the authentic me to step forward. She made me feel safe and held to express anything that was on my heart.. Time didn’t exist, all I felt was love, clarity, power, acceptance and bliss together with her.. she unblocked fears and thoughts that had been standing in my way from stepping in to my​ true purpose in life. I was so connected to my wild woman, my inner power and wisdom after this session. I am forever grateful."

- Victoria


The price of one session varies from 50-80 euros according to your financial capacity.


You can pay by session or pay for 3 months of mentorship

**If you need a financial support please contact me. 

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Want to take a leap and say yes to this transformational inner journey?

By saying yes you are saying yes to life, to your life, to re-appropriating your own uniqueness, to releasing what keeps you small and trapped, to returning in a sacred conversation with all things, to navigate the messy waters of being alive and learn how to keep emerging from the fertile ground of being and let your soul sing her SACRED SONG

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