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Have you been feeling lost and confused? 

Do you feel disconnected to your body, to the earth and your own aliveness? 

Do you feel a lack of creative energy? 

Do you know there is more to life than what you are experiencing?

Have you forgotten how to trust your the intuitive, wild and sensuous one within you?

Are you sitting with lack of self-worth, self-love and acceptance?

Are you going through a life transition and are sitting at a crossroad?

 Has the world has lost its magic and your eyes lost their capacity to meet and be met by beauty?

Do you wish to become intimate with yourself and all of creation?

  • Are you desiring to connect more deeply with your own spirituality? With the earth and the ways of your ancestors?

Are you seeking for healing in your linage, to reconnect to those that came before you and receive their medicine for you?

Join me for this 1:1 soul mentorship where you will be accompanied to explore the sacred territories of your being, find ways to unravel and soften within, to meet your edges, to learn how to listen and welcome the silenced parts within, to restore a deeper relationship with the earth, with your creativity and life itself. This is a journey, a sacred one, an initiation into your authenticity and an opportunity to  let the sweet song of your soul be revealed. 


These sessions will be a place for the wholeness of who you are to emerge, creating space for unwinding and remembering. It will be a profound journey into the wild territories of your soul that will support you ripen in the truth of who you are, restore reciprocity with the world, with the earth, with the world of spirit and to reclaim your true voice, beyond the old stories and patterns you carry and that no longer serve you.


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This mentorship is thought of as a cycle of surrendering, shedding and blossoming, as the old initiation rites, where you will be guided to explore your inner world, learn to listen to your body and the stories it carries, find new pathways of awakening, restore relationship with the earth and offer yourself to the cauldron of your transformation, allowing new life to flow through the cracks of your heart.

Yes, this journey will invite you to ask, at times, uncomfortable questions, it will bring you to the edge of your being so that you can begin to welcome new/old horizons within yourself and in the ways you relate to life, it will challenge old stories and patterns and invite you to expand your capacity to receive and be received by life.


This journey will be a compassionate space to be mirrored, witnessed and guided in your own awakening. 

It will invite you to rekindle connection to your embodied self, to release old places of tension and allow more vibrancy to flow through you.

It will help you see the world not as an object out there but as a thriving and alive ally and companion from which to draw inspiration and healing.

It will invite you to ask what it means to be a true human being, which in our world is not a given anymore. A human that is initiated in its responsibility and right to be part of an intimate web of relationships.



❋ Too often in our world we miss containers to support us in our transformations, we feel left alone, unsure of how to approach our own changes and transformation, how to live a more free and embodied life.


❋ Too often we are taught to rush through lives, to be disconnected and numb and we don't have the courage to just say "stop" and take the time we need to allow ourselves to feel, to grieve, to be in joy and celebration and listen to all the spectrum and textures that inhabit us. 

❋ Too often we yearn for spaces where we can feel safe, held, seen and witnessed in our own becoming, to let ourselves be exactly as we are, who we are, yet it seems as if the world is always trying to make us be something else, mold us, make us smaller.

❋ Too often we live in isolation, in a world where the more-than-human has lost a place in our lives and, therefore, everything feels a little flat and without a sense of belonging. 


The truth is, we all behold a special song inside, one that is both eternal and ever changing. This song longs to be expressed and shared. However, too often there are layers of old stories, of hurt, of embodied patterns that hold us back, including stories that are present in our own communities and cultures.


  ∴   ∴   ∴ 

This will be a journey of softening the edges. As we travel within, meeting the places of holding, we can start unraveling and let more space be created so that our more true and essential voice can be revealed, so that we can restore a sense of belonging to self and to the vaster, wider web of relationships that we are always in relationship to, so that we can return to a sense of wholeness that is our true nature. 

To access this deeper well of knowing we must keep journeying inside, like the ancient myths tell us, keep descending down, into the dark places of our soma and psyche (which are one) in order to find the jewels we behold. This our ancestors knew. This is the rhythm of the earth.

This mentorship journey is designed to accompany you in your descent, to practice deep listening, to slow down and create space, to let go and surrender, to find more sensual aliveness in yourself and in your relationships. It works on a multidimensional level, it brings you out of old stories so embedded within you and actually devotes itself, wholeheartedly, to apprentiship you to the language of your soul, to reconnect to a sense of deep embodied belonging and to rekindle your relationship with the breath of aliveness. 


You will be guided to explore the territories of your own soma/psyche, body/mind, to remember new/ancient ways of being and relating in your life. 

    ∴     ∴     ∴ 

The self that appeals to me is the self that has not been conditioned solely by culture, whether family, religion, education, or economics, but rather the one found under these systems of domestication --the wild self, the self at once sovereign and entwined with the living world. It is this self that can extend its reach into the surrounding rings of connection--with vacant lots, watersheds, returning salmon, with children and struggling communities--and sense its intimate bond with all of them. This self is co-mingled with all the others that share this shining planet. When we can step into this wider and wilder state of identity, our isolation falls away and we return to a state of participation and belonging."


- Francis Weller

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The length of your journey will depend on your needs. I offer 3/6/12 months mentorships according to the specific exploration you are navigating. Meetings are 75 mins and details of how often to meet can be arranged during our preliminary session.

In between sessions I offer rituals, practices, and tools that are designed specifically for you and to integrate the work, helping our discoveries find rooting in your every day life. 



The 1:1 sessions are held intuitively and
according to YOUR needs.


They will include but are not limited to:

Trauma-informed somatic work | Meditation practices | Nervous system regulation practices | Active Imagination | Grief work | Shadow work | Relationship work | Sexuality | Dream Work | Ancestral Work | Earth-based practices, ritual & ceremony | Creativity practices | Sensual explorations 

The mentorship will include:

75 mins sessions | Personalized embodied rituals & practices | Journaling & writing prompts | A nurturing space to feel held, heard and seen | 



Who are these sessions for?


Truly anyone who is wanting to access a greater sense of aliveness, joy, creativity, that wishes to let go of old stories and patterns and create space for more life to express itself through their being. This space is for anyone who is going through a time of transformation, of change and is seeking for a container to shed old skins. For anyone longing to deepen their way of relating to friends, partners, community and the earth. For all humans that are questioning what it means to be a human.













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How long do you advice the mentorship to be?

This truly up to you. For some clients 3 months is perfect as they are coming in with a specific inquiry or theme. For others it is an ongoing process that can last even several year. Others come and go. Everyone is unique. Also, we will be choosing how often to meet although normally once every 2 weeks is the recommended. 

How intensive is the mentorship?

I don't know if i would use the word intensive but it is without doubt going to open up a portal of transformation for you. The mentorship works on so many layers of your being: mind, body, spirit, nervous system and more. Moreover you will receive practices and rituals to support you. Of course, having said so, it is always up to you how much you engage in the process. 

Do I need to have a personal practice or have done already self-development work to join? 

Not at all! We are anyways all beginners and the journey of liberation is a spiralic one that often has us revisit patterns & stories several times. Moreover, this work is so intuitive and truly is just inviting you to become more conscious and aware of what is already living inside of you.

Is there an option of payment plans?

Absolutely! I truly want to try to accommodate different needs so that, if you feel called to be part of this container, you are able to without too much struggle. Please contact me via email for further information about these plans and payment options.

Is this similar to talk therapy?

No, its not! Although we do spend time talking and elaborating with words, we also engage with other practices including somatic work, meditation, active visualization, creative practices, journaling. Basically we learn how to expand the container of self and allow unconscious layers to emerge and be voiced.

Why do we need to have a preliminary call?

I really believe that this work is about relationship. Most of the people I work with don't know me personally, they might know my work through my social media, and yet there is more than what we see on instagram. I really want you to feel aligned with my way of being and intentions and viceversa. This is why meeting prior to saying yes to such a big personal investment feels necessary and importamt.

By saying yes you are saying yes to life, to your life, to re-appropriating yourself of your own inner radiance, to releasing what keeps you small and trapped, to returning in a sacred conversation with all things, to navigate the messy waters of being alive and learn how to keep emerging from the fertile ground of being and let your soul sing her sacred song.


If, be reading this all you feel called to delve deeper in this journey or at least know more about it I invite you to book in a preliminary FREE 30 minutes call with me.

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"I have completed 2 cycles of sessions with Emilia, and wow, it was each time transformational. This incredible woman guided me to discover new parts of me, recognize and accept old ones. She met me exactly where I needed to be met during the sessions, and it was different each time. Emilia knew how to patiently touch my soul until it revealed her needs and longing. No doubt that I will embark in a new adventure with her sometime!"

- Delphine

"Getting the chance to have Emilia guiding me in these sessions was an experience I will never forget. She created the most sacred space together with me and invited the authentic me to step forward. She made me feel safe and held to express anything that was on my heart.. Time didn’t exist, all I felt was love, clarity, power, acceptance and bliss together with her.. she unblocked fears and thoughts that had been standing in my way from stepping in to my​ true purpose in life. I was so connected to my wild woman, my inner power and wisdom after this session. I am forever grateful."

- Victoria


I have heard it all my life, A voice calling a name I recognized as my own. Sometimes it comes as a soft-bellied whisper. Sometimes it holds an edge of urgency. But always it says: Wake up my love. You are walking asleep. There's no safety in that!

Oriah Mountain Dreamer

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