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27th of june -3rd july 2022

Wild Oasis, Monchique, Algarve, Portugal

Wild Earth Retreat is an opportunity to slow down, to re-connect to the earth and to your body. We will gather for a week to find a slower rhythm, one that allows us to feel more, to listen more and express more authentically. It will be a space for remembering the wild language of the earth and our souls, to re-wild our inner and outer landscapes through intuitive movement, through ritual and ceremony, through connection to the earth and plants and through experiential workshops in ancestral skills. 


As we remember how to walk more mindfully in our lives, as we revive the ways of our ancestors, as we reawaken to the aliveness of our bodies, as we find intimacy again with life and ourselves, we can access a deeper sense of joy and ease within ourselves and we can remember our purpose in the world.


The retreat will weave a multi-sensory experience that combines yoga, earth wisdom, creativity, intuitive and authentic movement, playfulness and curiosity, community healing and ancestral remembrance.

The Flow:

Mornings will be gentle, combining movement, meditation, journaling, silence and prayer. After a small and light breakfast we will dive into an embodiment practice to explore our inner landscape, to find more space inside and reawaken to our sensual, alive and wise bodies. We will then share a delicious meal with most of the ingredients harvested from the land and you will have some free time to explore the stunning beaches or hike to the nearby lake. 


We will meet again for an afternoon workshop that will vary between nature reconnection practices, herbal medicine workshops, ancestral crafts hands-one experiences and creative expression explorations.


The day will end with a slow and unwinding practice, sometimes with gentle movement, sometimes with a sharing circle, some contemplative practice in nature or a sacred ceremony.


After dinner we might have some evening activity such as storytelling, dancing or signing by the fire. 

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Our Practices


Embodiment & Yoga

As we reconnect to our bodies and to its language we can expand our capacity to feel, to connect and flow with more ease in our lives. Through movement, somatic explorations and breath we can release any stagnant energy, relax our nervous system and become more awake and comfortable in our own skin.


The sessions will combine different styles of yoga, embodiment, somatic practice and the magic of breath. Many of us are used to reside in our minds and thoughts but as we slow down, as we allow ourselves to feel again we begin to feel more whole and access the ancient and profound wisdom of our bodies.


We will create a safe container for you to explore different ways of moving, asana and the mat will be our home base but also expect classes to go beyond traditional practice and to work more creatively and intuitively with your body.

Earth Wisdom 

To remember the wisdom of the earth is to open to a sense of renewed belonging and purpose. As we have walked away from the natural world we have lost a sense of magic and wonder, we have forgotten our ecological self and that we are part of an intricate web of life.


As we begin to re-connect to the wild in nature we re-awaken the wilderness within ourselves, we can heal and transform, be profoundly nourished and at times even radically re-orientate our sense of self.


In our retreat we will combine different tools such as mindfulness and meditation with bushcraft, nature based practices,  writing and creative expression and connection to the plant world.


As we learn to walk back in alignment with the more than human world we can restore a sense of awe and gratitude, we can heal from the sense of alienation and find deep inspiration and belonging.

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Ancestral Crafts, Skills & Remembrance

"Most of us think of belonging as a place outside of ourselves, that if we keep searching for, that maybe one day we’ll find it. But what if belonging isn’t a place at all, but a set of skills, or competencies, that we in modern times have lost or forgotten" - Toko Pa

To reconnect to the ancient art of hand-making and crafting is profoundly healing and can change our perception and experience of the world. As we learn how to transform the elements of nature into something useful and beautiful we not only learn how to slow down, but we also connect to a deeper sense of intimacy and belonging with the earth and with the ways of our ancestors who lived in deeper communion with the elements. Before the advent of consumerism and technology most things were made by hand. We would make our medicine, our clothes, our homes, we would beautify our own bodies to express our intimate connection to the Divine. Everything was infused with a sense of the sacred. As we have lost this knowledge our objects have become less and less infused with meaning and so have our lives. The practice of making things by hand can open a whole new sense of being present, they require mindfulness, dedication, care, love and attention. They also help us remember how to live more in connection with the elements. 

During our retreat you will be lead by Filipa Ana in two workshops on Ancestral Skills, learning how to make your own leather pouches and how to tan the skin of fish and we will go out and forage different plants to make our own medicine and healing potions. 

+ There will be a special Traditional Henna Ceremony led by Medina Trevathan that will hopefully open a space of profound remembering and connection with a way of beauty that is instilled in the memory of the bones of each one of us

Connecting to the sacred 

To open ourselves to the sacred is to let ourselves experience the mystery through our own bodies and hearts. Everything in this world is sacred, meaning holy, each plant, each tree, each action we take can be infused with the sacred. This is not something we actually have to put effort in, it is actually an act of stripping away, an act of returning to the natural state of things. When we see the sacred in the world there is intimacy, there is a sense that we are more than what we think we are, the veil is thinned and we can have a taste of the invisible. From this place our hearts naturally open, our compassion and love naturally flow and we are aligned again. 

We cannot impose this on ourselves, it is an act of grace, but we can practice to create the right inner environment to let the sense of separation drop. 

During our time together we will call in the sacred to join us, we will practice remembering what is means to attune to the Divine breath in all things. 

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Daily Schedule:


2-3pm Check-in.

4pm Welcome practice & Circle

7pm Dinner 

8pm Opening Ritual

Tuesday - Saturday: 

7.30am Morning practice: meditation, mantra, breath

8:15am Light Breakfast

9-11.30 pm Embodiment/Yoga Practice

11.30-13 pm Brunch

13-15.30 pm Free Time

15.30-18 pm Afternoon Workshop

18-19 pm Evening Practice

19.30 pm Dinner


7.30-9am Morning practice: meditation, mantra, breath + movement

9-10.30am Light Breakfast

10.30am-12pm Closing ceremony & circle

12.30pm Lunch

3pm Departure


Some more information...


- The mornings will be dedicated to the awakening of our bodies, to reconnecting with our breath, to finding stillness and movement, to engaging with our life force and energy and allowing it to express through us


- The afternoons will instead focus on earth reconnection, crafts and exploring what it means to weave ourselves back into the web of life


- You will enjoy three delicious & local vegetarian meals a day


- Free time can be spent to explore the surroundings with the option of going for hikes, canooing on the river, diving in the ocean, surf lessons + massage & body work 

- All practices are completely open to any level the only requirement is curiosity and a willingness to explore new territories

- COMMUNITY is important for us, we will share meals, share stories, intimacy, laughter, tears with the true hope of creating a sense of family and remembering what it means to be in community and togetherness 


nature connection

The location...


Set in the stunning mountainous area of Monchique in Algarve, Portugal just 40 minutes from the coast, our retreat will be held in an intimate and magical land managed by a beautiful couple of open minded human beings. 

Monchique is known for its incredible hikes and its crystalline clear water! Not only does it have one of the best natural springs in the world but also has beautiful and healing hot springs.

The property we will be spending our time on is filled with magic and wonder. The accommodations are simple and yet so beautiful. We have a bio pool all for us overlooking the mountains, veggie garden, herbal garden and as sauna ! There are several spots for you to sit in silence, to connect to the more-than-human world and be filled by awe. 

We will be living close to the land, eating food that is nourishing and mostly plant-based, we will go on hikes to collect plants and to re-learn how to be in deeper connection with the natural world. 

yoga retreat


* Early Bird until the 1st of April


All prices include

- Daily Yoga & Mediation classes

- Daily workshops: deep ecology, nature connection, herbalism & ancestral skills

- Three delicious vegetarian meals with local products

- Access to the sauna

- Access to the bio-pool 

- Access to the land with its beautiful wild forest and gardens



What is not included

- Flight to Faro or Lisbon airport

- Transportation to Monchique 

- Add on activities such as massage and bodywork


*if you let us know your time and day of arrival we can try to arrange shared car rentals

*if you arrive with a bus in Monchique we can come and pick you up





early bird 1025 euros 

regular 1195 euros




early bird 685 euros

regular 785 euros 


early bird 635 euros 

regular 735 euros 


early bird 545 euros

regular 615 euros 





*A 150 euros non-refundable deposit is asked to reserve your spot 


*Payment installments can be arranged


*Please note that we require all participants to present a negative covid test taken within a 72hr window before the start of the retreat. If you have to cancel due to a positive covid test or a government travel restriction, a full refund minus your 50 euros of deposit will be given






to reserve your spot also send us an email with your chosen accommodation

Special guests

earth wisdom

Filipa Ana Piedade

 Is a Portuguese hide tanner, crafter and visual storyteller with a deep love for prehistory and folklore. She has always had a deep connection to Nature that shaped her life choices. After studying conservation biology she decided to make a shift in her life buying a land and deciding to live a more sustainable and slow life with her family. Soon after she discovered ancestral crafts and skills. These opened for her a portal to connect and see her ancestors with new eyes, guiding her to reconnect to ancient ways of being and timeless wisdom. She now practices ancestral and traditional skills such as skin tanning, basketry, weaving and more. These are for her a way to expand her web of relations so to also connect to the more than human family of animals, plants, trees, mountains and more. Her work is born out of her love of the land, the more-than-human kin and her ancestors.

What she will be offering... 

Fish Skin Tanning


Come learn the art of turning a fish skin into leather using ancient methods. You will learn how to remove, clean, tan and soften a fish skin, and transform it into a beautiful and resistant piece of leather that can be used in the creation of bags, bracelets, wallets and even garments. You will learn to work without chemicals or machines, using only local and natural materials, simple hand tools and the movement of our hands. Above all, you will develop a close relationship with the animal, the local landscape and the ancestors. Each participant will take home their own fish leather. 


Leather Neck Pouches


If you’d like to like to learn how to make your own small leather pouch to hang around your neck, this is your opportunity! You will learn all the steps to create your own pouch and will be guided all the way, from cutting the pieces to sewing them together. Your magical pouch will be perfect to carry special sacred things near to your heart, such as a photo of a loved one, a stone, a small feather, or maybe some lavender or other fragrant herbs. Participants will be free to include their own fish leather from the previous activity, if they wish so.

ancestral skills
ancestral remembering

Medina Trevathan

My name is Medina and I am a multidisciplinary artist, working mainly with embroidery, painting and henna. I was blessed to grow up in the countryside of Andalucia in a secluded Islamic Sufi centre where many travellers gathered on pilgrimage to remember and be present with Sheikhs and guides on the spiritual path. As a child, being in such close and constant contact with nature was all I had known and there was a deep and innate trust between us. To grow up in a place where people would gather with the intention to remember God leaves an imprint on one's heart and I feel their dhikr (remembrance of God) with me now. This normalization, as a child, of being with the unseen and the irrational has guided my life and my art. My offerings now in the form of henna ceremonies and art all come from a place of devotion and commitment to the beauty of my tradition which is grounded in the Islamic science of Tassawuf or Sufism.


Coming from a mixed heritage I have gentle roots settled and also growing in a number of places including Cornwall, Andalucia, Pakistan and Morocco all of which greatly informs my work. My art attempts to convey my interest in the archetypal feminine, the symbolism of pattern in all its forms, Celtic and Middle Eastern Folklore and the Unseen and Islam

What she will be offering... 

Sacred Henna Ceremony 


The sacred tradition of henna has been amongst us for thousands upon thousands of years and has graced the bodies of millions of people. The potent dye which is extracted from the leaf of the rather inconspicuous looking henna plant, has been used to mark the thresholds of this life, the birth of a new mama and baby, the union of beloveds, the bleeding cycles of women, religious celebrations such as the end of fasting, and even in death. Studying the history of henna moved me from the very real physical sense of the experience to thinking about its symbolic meaning. Its essence is joy, and it derives its joy from our primordial need to create and decorate.


You can find henna on hands, feet, bodies, and animals. drums, instruments, walls and shrines. The tradition of henna has suffered greatly under the weight of commodification and appropriation, many of the old patterns have been lost and a homogenous pattern has taken over. My intention is to recollect, gather and remember, and breathe life and meaning again into this tradition which now so often occurs in an empty way, void of meaning. This has led me to recreate many of these designs on my own body and capture them. The intimacy that is experienced with the plant is beautiful, the patience and mindfulness required to apply and to receive the henna allows us to slow down and truly receive. I love being a henna artist because I get the chance to sit with women in stillness and intention. I also have the profound honor of giving new insight to the bodies of those who I do henna on, their hands and feet, their most sacred intimate tools in this physical realm become for a short while living pieces of art. The cyclical nature of the dye, lasting about 10 days on the body and gently fading, has been a beautiful way for me to explore death and letting go in a gentle way.

sacred traditions
Vintage vessels from PERCEPTIA HOME.jpeg