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I want to know if you can see Beauty even when it is not pretty every day. And if you can source your own life from its presence.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer


a retreat co- facilitated w/Elena Valverde

19-25th of March

Providencia de Dota, Costa Rica

an exploration and opportunity to find rest in the of rich darkness that embraces our lives. This retreat will be held in the breath taking mountains and forest of Costa Rica and the land will be the space to hold our profound journey into the depths of our being. The retreat will create a safe space for us to meet our shadows, to learn how to love them, invoke them, find rest in them. There will be a combination of movement, expressive and creative practices, ancient rituals and ceremonies and ancestral crafts. It will be truly an alchemical cauldron where we will all be invited to meet with gentleness our own vulnerability. 


w/Curandera Sofia Diaz Hernandez

7th-17th of June

Monchique, Algarve, Portugal

Join us to learn the teacher, abuela and curandera Sofia Díaz Hernandez, who is going to come from Mexico to share her knowledge and wisdom about Traditional Mexican Medicine and Mayan Cosmovision. During our 11 intensive days, we will explore and learn some of the basics of traditional healing practices and learn about its comprehensive and holistic approach to health and illness. We will dive into traditional approaches to health and its understanding of the interconnection between body/mind/spirit + earth/cosmos, learn about herbal preparations and medicinal plants, look at different healing rituals such as floral baths, steam baths, massage, rebozo and gain perspective on how to support during what traditionally is called "soul loss" or vital loss. This is a unique opportunity to learn from a true teacher that has been passed down this knowledge and wisdom from a long lineage of healers. 


a retreat co- facilitated w/Medina Trevathan

8-14th of July

Alpujarra Granadina, Spain 

a profound journey of reconnection with your deepest and most precious inner landscape, a space to uncover hidden layers of yourself,  finding ways of expression and to letting its precious beauty be revealed. This will be a subtle, soft, delicious journey to find the sweetness and power that lies within you. Imagine ancient rituals being revived, deep inner journeys, movement to open your body, time spent in communion on the land and moments of contemplation with the mystery of being alive. 


an immersion in craniosacral biodynamics w/Koa Kalish

27th-3rd of September

Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece 

a course and immersion in the essentials of craniosacral biodynamics (28 CEU) and an opportunity to bathe yourself in the medicine of water, learning from her ancient wisdom. The course will be held in the magical lands of Lesvos, home to the first female poet Sappho and known for its highly healing thermal waters. Alongside with the curriculum we will dive into ancient water rituals and opportunities to be cleansed, nourished and increase our capacity to become a vessel to the fountain of life to express herself. 


a journey into the holy waters 

10th-16th of September

Kea Retreat Center, Kea, Greece

join me for this transformative journey in exploration of the sacred waters within and without on this mystical and dream-like land in Greece.  Through movement, breath, ceremony, water dance practices, ancient rituals in honor of the seas and oceans, through chanting and poetic explorations we will encourage more aliveness and ease in your body and soul to flow more gracefully through your life

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